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2024 One Helluva Ride (OHR) Frequently Asked Questions



(Q) Do children need to register?

(A) Every rider or passenger participating in the ride must register.  Children under 7 are free.


(Q) What is the age cutoff for riding as a minor vs an adult.

(A)  If you are 18 or older on July 13, 2024 you must register as an adult.


(Q) Can a minor ride themselves?

(A) No.  All minors (17 and younger) must be accompanied by an adult.  And a parent/legal guardian must complete and sign a release waiver.  Go to registration table for any other clarifications. 


(Q) What’s the best practice regarding registration and getting ready to ride?

(A) It’s best to park your vehicle, walk to registration and then walk back to your vehicle and get your bike (store any merchandise you may have pre-ordered or bought).  Then verify/test that your bike is all set before starting your ride.


Schedule for the Day

(Q) What is the schedule of the day?

(A)  Here is the schedule of events:

       Time  Event
   6:30am  Pre-registered Check-In and Day-of-Ride Registration Opens
 10:00am  Pre-registered Check-In  and Day-of-Ride Registration Closes
 10:00am  Watermelon at the Fairgrounds
 11:10am  Lunch at the Fairgrounds
   4:00pm  Watermelon Service Ends
   4:30pm  Lunch Service Ends and SAG Support Ends
   5:00pm  Showers Close
   5:30pm Ride Ends
   6:00pm Fairgrounds Closed


Routes and Riding Information
(Q) Are maps and GPS routes available?
(A) Maps with cue-sheets and electronic GPS routes (RideWithGPS) are available online at  A limited supply of hard copy maps will be available day-of-ride. When in doubt please follow the road markings. Check back prior to the ride to ensure routes or directions haven't changed.

(Q) Where do the routes start/end?
(A) All routes start and end at the Chelsea Fairgrounds.  

(Q) Must I wear a helmet?
(A) Yes, helmets are required.  Please observe all road and traffic signs.  See for more details.

(Q) If I am doing 100 miles by when do I need to finish?

(A) The last 100-mile Rest Stop (Stockbridge) at mile 76 closes at 3:30 pm.  Roving SAG support ends at 4:30 pm.  Lunch service ends at 4:30 pm. Showers close at 5:00 pm. We would like you to vacate the fairgrounds by 5:30 pm.  Our volunteers need to pack-up all of the OHR equipment and clean-up the fairgrounds by 6:00 pm.


(Q) What time does the ride end?

(A) The ride is over at 5:30 pm. See Schedule for the Day for more details.


(Q) How hilly is the ride?

(A) There are some hills, but mostly flat or rolling hills. Feet of climb: 100-mile paved 2,600, 63-mile paved 1,800, 40-mile paved 1,300, 21-mile paved 700, 63-mile gravel 2,000, 41-mile gravel 1,300, 22-mile gravel 700.  


(Q) Must I ride the route I signed up for?

(A) No, you may change your ride to any of the available routes.


(Q) When do I have to make up my mind which route I am riding? 

(A)  The 44, 63 and 100 paved are the same until mile 24 (the first rest stop).  The 63 and the 100 are the same until mile 29.4.  The 41 and 63 mile gravel are the same until mile 40 (return to Chelsea).


(Q) Is there a way to “shortcut” the 100-mile route?

(A)  Yes, if decide you do not want to do the full 100, you can skip (at mile 52.5) the second loop out of Stockbridge and you will end up with 76.5 miles.


(Q) If I cannot finish my ride is there transportation back to the fairgrounds?

(A) Yes, you may call the ride help number (734-719-0101) and a Roving SAG driver will be dispatched to assist you.


(Q) Does the ride go thru Hell, Michigan?

(A) No, when we modified the routes to provide better road conditions we were not able to go through Hell, Michigan.


Bikes and Bike Problems

(Q) My bike is broken before I start. What do I do?

(A) Simple repairs can be done by the bike shop mechanic on duty at the fairgrounds from 7:00am until 9:00am. After 9:30 the bike shop mechanic will be available at the Stockbridge rest stop. More extensive service can be done at the Aberdeen Bike Shop (1101 S Main St) which is 2 minutes east of the Fairgrounds on the corner of SR52 and Old US 12.  Aberdeen will be open from 7:00am to 5:00pm on July 13th.


(Q) What happens if my bike breaks on the ride?

(A) Roving SAG drivers will attempt to fix your problem.  If they cannot fix it they will take you to either to the fairgrounds or the Stockbridge Rest Stop where there are mechanics available.  If you are returned to the fairgrounds after 9:00 you will need to go to the Aberdeen Bike Shop (1101 S Main St) which is 2 minutes east of the Fairgrounds on the corner of SR52 and Old US 12.


(Q) Are electric bikes allowed?

(A) Yes. They must be pedal assist bikes (Class1).



(Q) What is your mask policy?

(A) You are not required to wear a mask. If you are riding in one of our SAG team’s vehicles you may wear/request a mask.


First Aid, Medical and Local Resources

(Q) I am injured, what do I do?

(A) The roving SAG drivers, the rest stops, and the fairgrounds have first aid kits for minor issues.  There is an urgent care facility in Chelsea 2 minutes from the fairgrounds - Chelsea Urgent Care & Walk In Clinic, 1301 S. Main St., Chelsea. There is an emergency room also 2 minutes from the fairgrounds – Chelsea Hospital, 775 S. Main St., Chelsea.  Ask at the information tent if you need a map.  If you are seriously injured call 911.

(Q) Do you have sunscreen?

(A) No. There is a CVS ¼ mile east on Old US 12.



(Q) When do I pick my t-shirt or socks if I ordered them?

(A) You will receive your t-shirt or socks if you pre-ordered them when you register.  It’s important to pick them up.  Any unclaimed merchandise will be sold starting at noon.  


(Q) Can I get a t-shirt?

(A) A limited quantity of T-shirts will be available for sale. We will also be selling no show t-shirts at 12:00pm and have some prior year t-shirts for sale.


(Q) May I buy socks? 

(A) Yes, as part of registration until 10:00 or at the merchandise tent later in the day.


(Q) May I buy a jersey? 

(A) Jerseys may be ordered online until July 22. Ask at the information tent.



(Q) What is the menu for lunch?

(A) Bratwurst, all beef Hot Dog or Vegan Sandwich, potato salad, baked beans (vegan), Chips (vegan)  Ice Cream Bars or Italian Ice (vegan).


(Q) Will there be watermelon at the fairgrounds this year?

(A) Yes, we have moved the watermelon back at the fairgrounds.  Watermelon will available from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.


(Q) Can I eat lunch if I am not riding?

(A) Yes. The cost is $15. Purchase a lunch ticket at the OHR information canopy.


(Q) Do you have food for vegetarians and vegans?

(A) We have bananas and grapes at the Stockbridge rest stop.  We also have a number of vegan pre-packaged snack items at the rest stops.  There is a full vegan lunch option. If you chose a vegetarian or vegan lunch you will receive a ticket to turn in at lunch.

Lost and Found, Photos and Shower Facilities

(Q) I lost something

(A) Inquire at the Information tent.


(Q) Are there shower facilities?

(A) There are shower facilities in the building south of the lunch pavilion. Look for the signs.  Hours are 10:00 to 5:00.


(Q) Do you make photos you take available to the riders?

(A) Yes. Check after the ride for a link to the photos on the OHR Facebook page and the OHR website.


AABTS – Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society

(Q) Who sponsors OHR?

(A) The Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society (AABTS), the bike club for the Ann Arbor metro area.


(Q) Can anyone ride with AABTS?

(A) Yes, you do not need to be a member to ride with AABTS.


(Q) What does AABTS do with the money they raise?

(A) OHR is an LMB funding ride this year.   This means that AABTS is donating $1 to the League of Michigan Bicyclists for every registered Rider.  The OHR revenue is used to provide funds to bicycle related charities, as well support the cycling activities of AABTS.


OHR Feedback

(Q) How do I provide feedback?

(A) Send an email to