Tell your Senator that you support funding for biking and walking!

Tell your Senator that you support funding for biking and walking!

Imagine your community with more biking and walking trails. Imagine better curb cuts at intersections. What could your local organizations and community do to make biking better with the right resources? 

Last week, Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) introduced a bill that would make more ideas for biking infrastructure a reality. 
Ask your senators to co-sponsor S.1098, the Transportation Alternatives Enhancements Act, and help us build a more Bicycle Friendly America for everyone.
The bill will improve and increase funding for biking and walking infrastructure that state and local governments receive through the federal Transportation Alternatives program.

The Transportation Alternatives program represents nearly 50% of all the federal funding that goes to bicycling and walking networks and trails in our communities, so small changes can have a big impact on how we see our neighborhoods change for the better. Read more about the changes in our blog.

Take Action 

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is working fast to have a full transportation ready by this fall. To ensure our proposals to make biking better are front and center, we need to show strong support for S.1098 now. 
Please contact your senators here and ask them to co-sponsor S.1098 for better bicycling!


Caron Whitaker
Vice President, Government Relations
League of American Bicyclists