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Washtenaw County's Top Five Bike Rides

Patrick Dunn (Managing Editor, Concentrate)  | Published on 7/27/2021
Al McWilliams has cycled in locations ranging from Dallas to Spain, but he says the Ann Arbor area is one of the best he's found to pursue his passion for two-wheeled travel.

In fact, McWilliams moved to Ann Arbor expressly for the unique amenities the area has to offer cycling enthusiasts.

"Ann Arbor has this little core of an urban lifestyle," he says. "However, if I go three miles west of here, I'm in a cornfield. That is actually really hard to find in the United States."

With summer in full swing, there's no better time to take advantage of Washtenaw County's cycling wonderland. Concentrate chatted with McWilliams and Ann Arbor cyclist and bike fitter Jessica Bratus for their thoughts on some of the county's best bike rides.