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Sports Technology Buyers Guide: Winter 2020-2021

DC RAINMAKER  | Published on 11/25/2020
t’s that time of year again – the Annual Sports Technology Buyers Guide. One of these years I might even publish it more than once per year. Still, this is when I try and cover a wide range of sport gadget areas.  My goal here being to give my specific recommendations – exactly the same recommendations I’d give to my own friends and family.  This post isn’t here to list every option on the market in an effort to make every manufacturer happy.  Of course, as more and more companies get into the market, there ends up being more and more possible scenarios as the products expand in functionality.

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As with last year, for the most part the stronger brands have gotten stronger, and the brands that were struggling have fallen further by the wayside. There are exceptions to that though, for example we’ve seen smaller brands like COROS really start to cement their place in the market in certain price buckets. Still, there’s a reality when one company in the industry (Garmin) sells many millions more sport-focused devices than everyone but Apple, that there’s just going to be more categories that are in their favor. This was the first year they’ve overtaken Fitbit and Samsung in smartwatch sales. But beyond that, no other company is releasing 10-20 fitness/outdoor/sports devices per year. And while sometimes they whiff, but most times, they don’t.

In any case, one could try and write recommendations for every possible edge case, but realistically I think there’s probably already too many categories below as it is.  Plus, that’s what the comments section is for. I try as best as possible to answer all those quirky edge-case questions.

Oh – wait, if you’re new around here note that I don’t take any money/sponsorships/whatever from any of the companies in this post. Or from any company I review for that matter. So if I like a device, it’s because it’s a legit good device I want to use. With that, let’s dive into it!