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?Getting member input regarding volunteering for OHR 2023 is important to the success of the ride.

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The first OHR was held in 1977, and has continuously run since that date, with the exception of a COVID hiatus in 2020/21. This fundraiser allows our club to donate to bicycling related philanthropies and plan social activities for our club. OHR promotes bicycling in our area and promotes AABTS. Do you feel that One Helluva Ride (OHR) is an important event that AABTS should continue to run? 

Are you willing to volunteer in a key committee leadership role for OHR 2023? This work would occur between November 2022 and July 2023 and require a total of about 20-50 hours of your time. 

This commitment would be to do jobs such as: 

-contacting and securing safety personnel

-recruiting volunteers for "Day of Ride" positions

-assisting with contacting and securing facilities (rest stops, the fairgrounds, etc)

-assisting with graphic design for jerseys, t-shirts, advertising, etc

-assisting in miscellaneous tasks as needed

-assisting existing key committee leaders in various areas such as merchandise, treasurer, routes, publicity, registration, signs, SAG, food, dry-goods, painting etc.

This commitment would NOT necessarily mean that you would be solely responsible for any given job, as we are hoping to fill some of our needs with 2 or more people working together to handle the task.

Are you willing to commit now to volunteering 4-6 hours on July 8, 2023 for OHR 2023?