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One Helluva Ride Routes

One Helluva Ride Routes - Links to

You may download the files you need and transfer them to your bike computer. Follow the instructions on the Ride with GPS page (Click on "EXPORT", upper right of the page)

Routes: gps and cues:

OHR - 100 Mile Route

OHR - 42 Mile Gravel Route

OHR - 62 Mile Route

OHR - 39 Mile Route

OHR 14 Mile Route

OHR 2019 Event page (lists all maps)

Ride with GPS tip: 
If you have a paid subscription you can download offline maps to your smart phone.   This allows you to put your phone in airplane mode and still get full navigational information including turn by turn voice instructions, maps and ques while extending the battery life of your phone.  The GPS continues to function while in airplane mode. Some have been able to ride 6 to 10 hours and not deplete their phone's battery.   The reason for this is the radio receivers for cell, wireless and Bluetooth can consume power quickly, especially in bad coverage areas.   In airplane mode you will not be able to get texts or phone calls, but this is easily remedied by turning off airplane mode every once and awhile.  Note that airplane mode assumes the cell, and wireless radios are turned off.   You may need to manually turn off Bluetooth.  Depending on what Bluetooth devices are connected to your phone it may not matter if Bluetooth is turned off.